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CloudBolt™ from EOH

Introducing South Africa's only true agnostic multi-cloud service.


CloudBolt™ – brought to you by EOH, is a simplified cloud management engine that allows you complete control to create, provision and manage all your separate cloud services. CloudBolt™ – provides one portal that empowers businesses to embrace a multi-cloud strategy - watch our short video here

This single pane offering provides access to all public cloud providers, as well as your own private and hybrid cloud environments.

Our public cloud provider partners include AWS, Azure, Google, Openstack, Oracle, Red Hat, and many others. Our complete, agnostic solution makes cloud provisioning and management easy. To find out how see our demo video

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The platform delivers access to common cloud management, governance, and security services, real-time usage reports and performance evaluations

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All new CloudBolt™ – customers that purchase through EOH will receive 25 free licenses for their organisation.

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CloudBolt™ – your one-stop cloud services suite

How will your organisation benefit from a single pane solution?:

A multi-cloud strategy is now a reality. Access the full range of public cloud services in one central place– across your own infrastructure, EOH infrastructure or any other infrastructure.
Gain full control using a single cloud services dashboard that guarantees the end of Shadow IT in your organisation.
Take charge of costs with simplified billing in local currency and the flexibility to choose monthly, daily, weekly, or even hourly instances.
Ensure that data residency and compliance issues are no longer a worry with a comprehensive cloud brokerage model.
A Level 1 BBEEE certification means that procurement processes will be simplified. See it to believe it



Watch the CloudBolt™ demo here


The advantages of a single cloud service provider

With so many offerings to choose from, most companies have found themselves using multi-cloud solutions from numerous providers, which can get complicated. Add to that the fact that Shadow IT has become a very real challenge in the workplace, and it’s unsurprising that most businesses have little insight into their cloud environment.

While there are cloud service providers claiming to offer a comprehensive, fully-managed and brokered solution, there’s always a catch. With CloudBolt™, there are no compromises or catches.

Now there is no more lack of choice, lack of flexibility. No longer are companies hamstrung and looking to take full advantage of cloud’s benefits. For a free demo or to find out more Contact us today to learn how a single pane of glass can transform your cloud strategy and operations.

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