Makes disaster recovery faster, easier and more affordable.


Your business can operate as flexibly as it needs to, with the peace of mind in knowing that if anything goes wrong it will be able to respond more quickly than ever before.

Reduces costs - no need for duplicate infrastructure
Faster recovery time
Only pay for what you need - easy to scale up or down

EOH RaaS replicates your complete IT infrastructure, applications and data to the cloud, enabling full environmental recovery.

It backs up the entire environment, not just the data. It ensures that, whatever the reason for a disaster, your business will be able to run without, or with minimal, impact.

The RaaS recovery involves not just the data and a copy of the storage, but also the business processes in the servers, applications and the consistency of the data. This allows for a truly comprehensive disaster recovery strategy, by running and restoring entire services and applications via the cloud.

There is no longer a need to replicate your hardware and software environment in a second, geographically separate location. Because it is cloud-based, RaaS entirely removes this requirement. Your infrastructure, systems, applications and data are integrated into a single software bundle or virtual server - securely and far away from your primary site so that they cannot be affected by the same disaster.

By eliminating the need for duplicate infrastructure, upfront and overall CAPEX is significantly reduced.

Another big benefit of RaaS is faster recovery, ensuring a speedy Restore Time Objective.

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