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Get the full benefit of your platform through a managed, certified AWS customer life-cycle engagement.


As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) advanced consulting partner, EOH provides an AWS customer life-cycle engagement, offering a fully managed service while applying the AWS Well Architected Framework. We are one of the first companies in South Africa to achieve AWS Well Architected partner status, and are fully qualified to conduct Well-Architected Reviews to identify areas where customers can gain more benefits from their AWS environments.





Receive the full benefit of your AWS platform through our AWS customer life-cycle engagement. EOH provides consulting, Full integration, testing, monitoring, management and automation of your AWS platform, optimising your AWS environment for the best possible ROI.

Partnering with EOH will allow you to access best practices and certified skills, with the management and guidance to ensure stable and efficient systems. We help you unlock simplified and lowered platform costs, increased speed of transition, and lower risk for complex migrations.

Our Well Architected reviews help identify immediate cost savings, security remediations, and issues around performance and reliability. Our certified consultants will then be able to optimise your environment to ensure you are getting the best out of your existing investments

We offer Well Architected managed services and consulting services that will help your business with:

Cloud Strategy: Plotting your every move based on best practices we’ve developed across a multitude of successful cloud engagements
AWS Cloud Consulting Services: Guiding your strategy, implementation including a readiness assessment and cloud launch, you can get started in AWS or learn how to unlock the full benefits of your solution
Security & Governance: Securing your data and ensuring your cloud deployment meets stringent compliance standards
Migration: Moving your existing applications and infrastructure from anywhere to the cloud
Deployment: Deploying your new applications and infrastructure in the cloud
Automation: Completely automating your cloud infrastructure using the latest tools
Managed Services: Overseeing your cloud infrastructure management, you’re free to focus on growing your business knowing that cost optimisation is handled.
Well Architected reviews: Identify and rearchitect workloads to run more efficiently and cost-effectively

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Benefit from our Certified AWS Skilled staff to gain the most from the planning, architecting and implementation of your AWS environment as a fully managed service underpinned by the AWS Well Architected Framework to get the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure possible for your applications. Our consulting expertise, combined with AWS innovation, ensures that your environment is optimised and provides exactly what you need.

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“With EOH and AWS, database licensing and infrastructure concerns are a thing of the past. Our environment has never been more efficient.”

“Regulatory requirements are a breeze now that EOH has created the right AWS solution for our business.”