Your Cloud journey with EOH Cloud

Plan & Architect

Through richness of knowledge and depth of service EOH Cloud will guide you in designing a solid cloud infrastructure, giving your business the perfect foundation to soar.


We accompany you at each stage of your Cloud journey – from the initial planning through to implementation and on going use.

A holistic strategic plan for cloud computing
Future-proofing your business
Ensure your business uses the cloud most effectively

Our fully managed Cloud services and technologies are designed to offer maximum customisation and flexibility. They provide any organisation with everything required in each facet of Cloud engagement.

They have been carefully designed to complement each stage of the Cloud journey. At the same time, our Cloud services can be implemented separately, to deliver what your business specifically needs from the Cloud at any given time.

Plan and Architect

We guide your business through the entire process of designing a solid Cloud infrastructure, giving it the perfect foundation to take advantage of the power of cloud computing.

Cloud Consulting

We help you plan and design your cloud infrastructure, based on a thorough understanding of your business strategies and requirements.

Private Cloud

Turn your own infrastructure into a managed private cloud, enjoying all the benefits of the cloud while keeping everything in-house.

Public Cloud

A managed hosted cloud infrastructure that you can completely configure and control, with expert support.

Hybrid Cloud

The best of both worlds: your private cloud seamlessly integrated with a wider hosted cloud infrastructure. Decide for yourself where to store data or run applications.

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