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Optimising the Cloud

Visibility, control and optimisation providing accelerated performance and bolstered productivity for your business.


Cloud services were designed for businesses to operate in more boundaryless ways, with improved flexibility and responsiveness, and better cost control. EOH Optimisation Services ensure that South African businesses can reap these benefits.

Much faster Cloud-based application performance
Significant broadband usage reductions
Better user-satisfaction and productivity

South African companies are at a disadvantage when it comes to using cloud applications and services. The issue is that most of the really useful enterprise applications we use, like Microsoft Azure or are delivered from data centres located in Europe or the US.

The problem is one of latency: the further one is from the point of delivery, the slower the application will perform. This means that South African companies do not get the full power and benefit of global cloud-delivered applications and services. In fact, often the opposite happens - users feel hamstrung by slow performing applications, making a sub-standard user experience the norm.

EOH Cloud Optimisation Services are purpose-designed to overcome these problems, and deliver the kind of world-class cloud experience enjoyed overseas to companies operating from South Africa.

Optimisation Services


A single optimisation solution that overcomes the slow performance challenges of cloud application delivery - with fast, flexible access to business-critical applications delivered from anywhere in the world.

Microsoft Cloud Optimisation

We accelerate the delivery of Microsoft online services, like Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Global Application Optimisation

Fast, optimised delivery of global online applications, like and Oracle.

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