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TTRO partners with EOH for a comprehensive cloud platform

TTRO partners with EOH for a comprehensive cloud platform

Posted in Case Studies on Friday, October 19, 2018 by Cloud Services Division, EOH


The Training Room Online (TTRO) has spent close to a decade perfecting the design and development of innovative learning solutions. With clients all over the world using TTRO’s immersive technologies and learning methodologies, the company has up-skilled and empowered hundreds of thousands of people.

The Challenge

A TTRO client required a platform that could accommodate for as many as 50 000 people logging in at the same time, with a further 5 000 users connecting to the training application. The platform therefore needed to be resilient as well as scalable due to the unpredictability of user consumption.

As a traditional environment would struggle to accommodate workloads of this scale, TTRO needed to migrate from its local ISP to a new system that could scale, and that offered redundancy and uptime guarantees.

The Solution

TTRO originally had a platform that had monolithic architecture, with no failover. Not only did this provide a single point of failure, but led to poor performance. As a result of unpredictable usage patterns, the company needed a solution that was reliable and could scale when necessary.

TTRO partnered with EOH to create a solution using AWS technology. EOH’s cloud services division combined its specialist expertise and industry knowledge to create a solution that would provide the performance, reliability, and security TTRO needed.

Through a consultation process, EOH gained in-depth understanding of TTRO’s needs, challenges and requirements, the recommendation was made for an AWS environment as no other platform would accommodate the solution as well, and it would provide the elasticity and scalability that TTRO required, using foundation services like Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and Relational Database Service (RDS).

With AWS’s multiple availability zones, TTRO has gained guaranteed performance and uptime. EOH created a tailored platform for TTRO using a number of AWS products, creating a pilot environment to ensure that each element provided the functionality needed.

A number of additional needs became apparent to the EOH AWS team during the course of the project, and the team was able to fill in the gaps in a very short space of time, due to the vast number of platform services available on the AWS platform.

During the testing phase, it was found that the system performance could be improved. The EOH AWS team made an adjustment, which resulted in better performance immediately. In addition, the team found a number of ways to add services to enrich the solution, whilst reducing the total cost of ownership.

One of these was the implementation of Amazon CloudFront, which further increased the performance of the solution.



TTRO gained the performance, reliability, and security needed to accommodate varying user consumption. With the AWS infrastructure, the company gained:

  • Guaranteed redundancy and uptime, as well as the flexibility.
  • A platform that allows TTRO to quickly autoscale capacity, both up and down, as necessary.
  • By creating a redundant solution, EOH has ensured that there are fewer points of failure.
  • Cost savings are ensured as a result of the fact that TTRO only pays for the capacity that is actually used.
  • Utilising AWS best practices within the well architected framework, EOH ensured the security of TTRO’s application and data.


Customer quotes

“EOH designed and architected exactly what the AWS environment needed to be to meet our needs. They understood our requirements, and provided added value throughout the project.”

“The AWS system does exactly what it was supposed to do, and has allowed up to operate on a true cloud platform with all the necessary scalability and elasticity we need.”


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