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EOH Case Study - MDA Property Systems

EOH Case Study - MDA Property Systems

Posted in Case Studies on Tuesday, February 7, 2017


MDA Property Systems solves business-critical scalability challenges with EOH Cloud


MDA Property Systems, founded in 1990, is an acknowledged leader in the specialist field of developing and implementing property management systems. The company has more than 4 000 users at over 400 sites across Africa and the Middle East.

Its core product, MDA Property Manager, is mainly used by owners and managers of retail, office, industrial and residential property portfolios. It is a comprehensive property management software package. It covers the full spectrum from the basics of rent/levy collection, integrated accounting to strategic asset management for property and real estate portfolios.

The Challenge

MDA Property Systems urgently needed to address the lack of scalability and agility of its existing platform, which was creating costly bottlenecks in its customer provisioning process.

The company was running a number of virtual machines on its platform, in order to deliver its cloud-based product to its customers. Quick provisioning of new virtual machines is a crucial element of its service delivery value proposition, so the bottlenecks had begun to severely damage its ability provision its customers.

A secondary requirement was to improve the company's backup capabilities and gain more control over them. 

The Solution

EOH Cloud Services used its highly flexible approach to build a customised cloud-based virtualisation environment to cater for MDA Property Systems' specific requirements. EOH first migrated the company to a VMWare platform – a challenge in itself. It required a thorough migration, moving the company from its existing platform to a global best-of-breed one. The EOH Citrix team was able to solve all migration issues in record time. This expertise proved critical, as this type of migration hadn't been undertaken before. EOH also took over the Citrix, RDS and SQL licensing, managing it on behalf of MDA Property Systems.

At the end of this process, MDA Property Systems was up and running with an EOH Managed Hosted Cloud solution, a scalable, self-service virtualised platform, which is the foundation upon which other Cloud-based services can be delivered. In the case of MDA Property Systems, this took the form of a Software-as-a-Service model, to replace the previous on-site approach.

EOH Cloud Backup was implemented as the solution to the company's backup requirements. It allows MDA Property Systems to fully manage its own backup schedule and parameters.

Redundancy is provided by replicating critical data in the EOH Data Centre, a Tier 3 facility running on a Layer 2 network. This gives the company rapid failover capabilities.

The Results

MDA Property Systems now has the scalability it needs to service its customers and deliver on its brand promise. It can increase the size and number of virtual machines on the fly, with simultaneous SaaS provisioning and implementation on them. The company is now capable of true rapid provisioning for its customers.

Moreover, This has allowed the company to move away from on-site provision to fully embrace the SaaS model. It aims to significantly ramp up SaaS use, and convert its own customers from on-premise to SaaS.

The entire solution is fully self-service enabled, giving the company more control and improved efficiency. New solution provisioning workflows, with cost approval processes, provide improved cost visibility.

The redundancy capabilities assist in risk mitigation, disaster recovery, and business and customer service continuity. MDA Property Systems can spin up additional virtual machines very rapidly if needed.

Overall the solution deployment was complex, with specific problems that needed to be solved for the migration process to be successful. EOH played the role of a constant trusted advisor, supporting MDA Property Systems throughout.

The company now has a fully managed cloud solution that is completely under their control. It is supported by 24/7 expertise, technical ability and, crucially, strategic insight, directed at fulfilling its future business goals.

The Benefits

At the highest level, there is now a powerful strategic alliance between EOH and MDA Property Systems. EOH expended a lot of time and effort to thoroughly understand the company's business, its strategic aims and its future direction. The outcome is a solution that was purpose-built to facilitate these.

MDA Property Systems now also enjoys a strong brand association with EOH. As leaders in their own field they desired to partner with similar industry leaders. Furthermore, working with a company that has the necessary corporate governance in place satisfies an important requirement for MDA Property Systems.

Operationally, the company has gained a powerful level of agility, flexibility and scalability in the services it offers to its clients. It can deploy much faster, and is able to guarantee its clients higher levels of uptime. The advanced backup capabilities allow MDA Property Systems to provide a very solid and reliable service to its clients, which improves customer retention.

Improved costing visibility gives deeper insight that further allows the company to be more agile and flexible. It can respond to demands immediately, rather than having to plan months in advance.

Finally, a significant business benefit is that MDA Property Systems now has constant access a team of world-class specialists, particularly in Citrix and cloud networking, to ensure optimal solution performance.

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