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EOH Case Study - HTN Attorneys

EOH Case Study - HTN Attorneys

Posted in Case Studies on Friday, May 16, 2014



Country: South Africa

Industry: Legal

Customer Profile

HTN Attorneys is a privately owned legal firm specialising in delinquent debtor account recovery across multiple industries. It is an intensely IT-driven company, handling large volumes of accounts through a nationwide network of agents and correspondents. It combines a large call centre with an online platform to facilitate debt collections.

Business Situation

The company had experienced exponential customer growth and urgently needed to expand its call centre environment. This necessitated hiring an additional 100 employees, and provisioning all the additional call centre equipment and applications. The server infrastructure needed to be significantly upgraded and a new backup infrastructure created. This new infrastructure had to be agile and scalable, and provide improved integration between the desktop environment and the voice platform. The required implementation time was a matter of weeks without any business interruption, while keeping CAPEX to a minimum.


EOH implemented a combination of solutions offered by its Hybrid Cloud service. The EOH Virtual Office solution was used to provision the desktop environment, linked to a Managed Private Cloud service for data and applications. This was in turn linked to a Managed Hosted Cloud service for capacity boosting, as required. This pay-as-you-grow model allows for rapid scalability and cost control. A Cloud Backup solution was also implemented, creating triplicate off-site backup with recovery both to on-site infrastructure and to the cloud.



  • An all-in-one solution

  • No CAPEX or upfront investment, with lower cost of ownership

  • Cost savings through pay-as-you-need and self provisioning

  • Instant provisioning gives flexibility to meet changing business needs

  • Simplified desktop and application management, with anywhere access

  • Workplace setup times reduced by up to 90%

  • Enhanced security and better control over corporate assets




HTN Attorneys vastly expands and overhauls call centre infrastructure in 8 days

HTN Attorneys is a privately owned legal firm specialising in delinquent debtor account recovery. It functions across multiple industries, handling very large volumes of accounts through its nationwide network of agents and correspondents.

Its IT infrastructure is the bedrock of its business, combining a large call centre with an online platform, and advanced systems and workflow engines facilitate the various debt collection strategies.

Recent exponential customer growth had created an urgent need to significantly expand HTN Attorneys' call centre environment. The entire supporting server infrastructure needed to be upgraded, not only to allow for this growth, but to create flexibility and scalability for future business changes. Improved integration between the call centre desktop environment and the voice platform was required.

The urgent business needs meant that the call centre and infrastructure expansion had to be completed in a matter of weeks, without any business interruption. Furthermore, any CAPEX that did not result in a scalable, flexible solution was ideally to be avoided.

HTN Attorneys engaged EOH to investigate an optimal solution that would address all the key requirements. Based on this investigation, EOH implemented a comprehensive blend of Virtual Office and Managed Cloud solutions to meet both the immediate challenges and the company's future business needs.

The Challenge

HTN Attorneys was in the fortunate position of experiencing exponential customer growth. However, this placed huge additional demands on the company's call centre and IT infrastructure. It urgently needed to upscale its call centre environment, including hiring an additional 100 employees, thus expanding its call centre staff from 100 to 200.

There was a consequent need to acquire new core server infrastructure to handle the expansion, along with desktops, phones and the necessary applications required for new call centre agents to be up and running in a matter of weeks.

The company was facing a scenario of purchasing 100 new desktops - a huge immediate capital outlay. Return on investment was not ideal, given the 2- to 3-year lifespan of this equipment.

On top of this would come significant additional software licensing costs, both for the applications running on the desktops and the virtualisation technology required to scale the IT environment.

Further expenditure would be required to accommodate the increase in user mail box requirements, and to expand the redundancy infrastructure to ensure that no downtime would be experienced.

At this point the call centre was running on the company's own in-house voice infrastructure in its server room. Any new solution would have to integrate with this core business infrastructure.

The Solution

EOH had been working with HTN Attorneys for the previous 3 months, to investigate and scope the company's core business requirements, and understand the challenges and limitations posed by its current infrastructure.

EOH was able to propose an all-encompassing Hybrid Cloud solution that would allow HTN Attorneys to:

  • rapidly increase the number of call centre agents

  • increase integration between the desktop infrastructure and the voice platform

  • replicate and backup data for long periods of time

  • ensure infrastructure and business continuity, with improved flexibility


Ensuring a cost-effective, long-term solution

EOH undertook a detailed ROI analysis, contrasting the scenario of HTN Attorneys acquiring its own new hardware, equipment, infrastructure, applications and licensing with one where it would instead be a consumer of a total, elastic cloud solution.

Based on this, EOH proposed that HTN Attorneys implement the EOH Virtual Office solution. This would provide a pay-as-you-grow service, allowing the company to avoid the costs of acquiring additional hardware, infrastructure, software and licensing. The company could scale the service as required, bursting it in times of increased demand, and reducing it to avoid paying for unused capacity when not needed.

The Virtual Office solution was coupled with a Managed Private Cloud service for virtual desktops, linked to a Managed Hosted Cloud service for bursting purposes.

The Managed Private Cloud contains the HTN Attorney's existing in-house infrastructure, while the Managed Hosted Cloud service is a fully managed, external cloud infrastructure, with seamless connection between the two. This creates a Hybrid Cloud solution, where the private and hosted clouds function as an integrated whole. Some of the data, applications and services run in the private cloud; others in the hosted cloud. Workloads and data can move freely between the two cloud environments - effectively making the Managed Cloud service an extension of in-house infrastructure.

The voice client and platform - the core of the HTN Attorneys' call centre infrastructure - was fully integrated, giving users access to virtual desktops and applications through a thin client.

The solution can now accommodate 400 users simultaneously accessing their desktops, while ensuring excellent quality of service with 24-hour monitoring. The EOH Managed Hosted Cloud solution allows external customer-facing applications to be run, giving a clear separation between in-house and customer-facing services, while ensuring the visibility required to meet SLAs.

Protecting mission critical data and ensuring good governance

EOH implemented a comprehensive Cloud Backup solution, which provides triplicate site backup and allows the company to recover data not only to its own infrastructure housed in its server room, but also to restore it directly to the EOH Managed Hosted Cloud.


The Virtual Office solution was implemented in 8 days from infrastructure configuration to the first user provisioning. The first users were up and running within 16 minutes of switch-on.

The Managed Hosted Cloud solution went live within 48 hours, with HTN Attorneys gaining full provisioning capacity. Reports indicate that it has provided reliable, fully redundant off-site replication with high availability. HTN Attorneys also reports that the solutions have exceeded performance expectations, with all deadlines met.

Costs, person-hours and CAPEX have been reduced. Desktop and application deployment times have improved, thus increasing productivity. With the switch to an OPEX-based service, profitability is expected to improve.


HTN Attorneys has gained an all-in-one infrastructure, virtual provisioning and backup solution. It has the flexibility and scalability to meet its changing business needs, through instant provisioning and availability. This was achieved without any CAPEX investment.

Cost savings have been realised through:

  • a pay-as-you-use model

  • self-provisioning - this dramatically reduces administration and maintenance costs

  • lower total cost of ownership, with fixed monthly costs

  • longer hardware life - the Virtual Office thin client solution has a 7-year lifespan, compared to standard desktop lifespan of between 2 and 3 years.


Time saving and increased efficiency

The company is able to save on workplace setup times, with desktop and application significantly simplified. EOH Virtual Office allows users to log on to virtual desktops from anywhere, with immediate access to the specific applications they require to perform their tasks.

Significantly enhance security, backup and compliance

A standardised security approach is now in place, providing better desktop and network security. With EOH Cloud Backup, data is completely secured and protected from the moment it leaves HTN Attorneys' servers. It is safely stored in a secure, mirrored, off-site data centre without the need for manual intervention. This also ensures better long-term data compliance and governance.

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