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BBF Safety Group partners with EOH for full cloud ecosystem

BBF Safety Group partners with EOH for full cloud ecosystem

Posted in Case Studies on Thursday, November 29, 2018 by EOH Cloud Services


BBF Safety Group was born from the merger of some of the most respected safety footwear manufacturers in South Africa – Bagshaw Footwear, Beier Safety Footwear, United Frams and Wayne Plastics. The company has evolved from a safety footwear powerhouse, the largest in Africa to an integrated workplace safety solutions provider. BBF Safety Group provides recognised and trusted brands such as Bova, Bronx Safety, Frams, Fuel, Lemaitre, and Sisi and Wayne, with a strong focus on local manufacturing and supplier development.

The challenge

When four separate companies were consolidated into one, BBF found that it was necessary to integrate systems, processes and people to realise a service commitment to delight their customers. Struggling with seven separate legacy systems that had been implemented for each individual entity, the decision was made to consolidate the company’s IT, starting with an ERP system.

The challenge was how to consolidate the IT landscape whilst still ensuring scalability at a pace consistent with any future, as-yet unidentified business growth. During the planning phases of the ERP, BBF initiated a business case around various options from network to platform provisioning, both on premise as well as commoditised services with a managed-services attached to augment the internal IT competencies.

Through this process, a strategic imperative was to ensure a single point of accountability from the network and security layers through the stack, to the platform and various databases. This needed to be delivered as a set of commoditised services managed by a single service provider that would be a partner, not a vendor, offering high level SLAs.

The solution

JD Edwards (JDE) was selected as the ERP system, around which a full enterprise managed private cloud solution was built. EOH created a managed hosted solution that met BBF’s needs. In doing this, EOH ensured a single point of contact for BBF.

EOH built a full stack of services for BBF: Managed Networks, Managed Services, and Cloud Services, all with a defined SLA. This solution allowed BBF to bring and manage the applications workloads into a managed cloud commodity service, which included full backup and disaster recovery services.

The solution provided BBF with the ability to govern where data was stored as well as providing full control of provisioning of workloads with the assurance of a Managed Service under an SLA.

The results

The scalability of the cloud and the consolidation of the whole IT environment has opened up new opportunities for BBF. The delivery of a full enterprise solution with a single point of contact has established a true partnership between BBF and EOH. As a result, the company has successfully leveraged its Managed Private Cloud Service investment and has moved multiple enterprise application workloads into the service, taking advantage of the full scalability and costing benefits of the service.


“Our most important requirement was to find a single service provider that would be a partner, not a vendor. We wanted high level SLAs, and EOH delivered that, and more,” Tim Rautenbach, Group ICT Manager at Beier Group says.

“The way EOH engaged with us, and the fact that they delivered a full enterprise solution, really made this project stand out. While there were initially some challenges in aligning the services, EOH began to understand what we were trying to achieve, adapted the solution and services to really meet our needs. EOH understands the partner role, and we are looking forward to further collaboration in the future,” he concludes.


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