Welcome to the cloud of the future

Welcome to the cloud of the future

Posted in Articles on Monday, May 21, 2018

by Richard Vester - Group Executive, EOH Cloud Services Division


The cloud has already contributed to alleviating a number of the problems associated with resource allocation, utilisation and management in an enterprise environment. However, many of the elements of a well-designed cloud environment remain “stiff” and hard to modify and adapt in an integrated fashion.

Enter next-gen cloud, which allows for more flexibility. Using software-defined cloud components to handle the complexities associated with most cloud computing systems, next-gen cloud empowers businesses to achieve digital transformation by enabling their journey to a cloud model. It enables them to cloudify existing assets, simplify operations, transform traditional applications, build modern workloads, and automatically optimise workload deployments by picking the best cloud.

Until now, many organisations have been forced to embark on projects in an unplanned manner through public cloud silos or do-it-yourself point solutions that are expensive and time-consuming. At the heart of next-gen cloud is a single platform that delivers application management, cloud management and software-defined infrastructure services that are decoupled from the underlying cloud fabric. This maximises consistency, choice and flexibility, while minimising change risk, vendor lock-in and overall costs.

Next-gen cloud integrates application management, intelligent cloud management and software-defined infrastructure services for both private and public clouds. By automating IT operations with software-defined infrastructure, next-gen cloud enables intelligent workload placement and automated and simplified operations. This means that even traditional applications can become cloud-friendly.

Organisations that have been looking for the automation, intelligence and flexibility to use the right cloud for the right workload have been finding that easy ways to adopt the cloud model are missing.  Next-gen cloud brings all the key capabilities for customers into a single technology stack to reduce risk, minimise operational overhead, and dramatically accelerate time to value. Providing a broad ecosystem of support for apps and different clouds, next-gen cloud builds on the key tenets of the cloud model: Application transformation, automation, and agility, and helps avoid vendor lock-in.

As a result, next-gen cloud is the ideal solution to deliver the cloud model across any public, private, or hybrid cloud. Providing a single port of call for all data and workloads, on-premises and in public clouds, it intelligently manages workloads and applications for DevOps teams while providing governance and control of all the resources and cloud environments.

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