Think you can't move to the cloud because you are stuck with your existing licences? Think again!

Think you can't move to the cloud because you are stuck with your existing licences? Think again!

Posted in Articles on Monday, March 18, 2019

by Richard Vester - Group Executive, EOH Cloud Services Division


The bulk of the world’s businesses run in a Microsoft environment – whether it is their operating systems, their servers, their development tools, or their databases. For each of these instances, the company will have had to invest in skills, hardware, and the appropriate licences. As a result, most of these companies have stuck to their on-premises solutions under the misapprehension that migrating to the cloud, but keeping their Microsoft environment, would be impossible.

Licencing, in particular, has proved a stumbling block. With different licences requiring renewal at different times, it is close to impossible for a business to find a gap in which they could make a move to the cloud. Not only would the associated downtime cause a loss of revenue, but the costs associated are believed to be prohibitive.

This perception is not only obsolete, but completely incorrect!

In fact, migrating a Microsoft environment to AWS will save costs, create new efficiencies, and open the door to modernisation and innovation – without any licencing headaches.

AWS has a variety of options available for both new and existing Microsoft licenses. Customers buying new instances on AWS will get the appropriate Microsoft licence included as part of the package. However, customers with existing licences can easily move them into the cloud with AWS’s Bring Your Own Licence (BYOL) offerings and Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance.

So whether a company needs to purchase new Microsoft licenses, or use existing ones, AWS makes moving to the cloud quick and easy. Using license included instances allows organisations to access fully compliant Microsoft software licenses and pay for them as they need to, with no upfront costs or long-term investments. Those companies that have already bought their Microsoft licences can take advantage of the efficiencies of the cloud while still purchasing perpetual licenses through Software Assurance and BYOL.

Software Assurance allows organisations to take advantage of their existing Microsoft volume licensing investments and move to the AWS cloud without paying additional licensing fees. Software Assurance customers are responsible for managing their own licenses, providing them with the same amount of control they are used to with on-premise deployment.


As a certified AWS partner, EOH can make migrating a Microsoft environment to AWS quick and easy. They do this by providing the consulting, support and technology needed to ensure that organisations get the most out of their cloud – and their Microsoft licences. Whether companies want to manage their own licences or would prefer a partner to do it for them; whether they have existing licences or need new ones, EOH and AWS will extend the lifecycle of their software and accelerate their cloud journey.

Find out how easy it would be for your organisation to gain cost savings by migrating your Microsoft environment to AWS.