How to supercharge your cloud with a multi-cloud strategy

How to supercharge your cloud with a multi-cloud strategy

Posted in Articles on Thursday, August 03, 2017

by Richard Vester - Group Executive from EOH Cloud Division


These days, there isn’t just an app for everything, there’s a cloud for everything – and everyone in your organisation is using a dozen different cloud services from multiple providers at any given moment. If you don’t have complete control over your entire environment with a unified cloud solution, it can become inefficient and expensive. Here are a few tips on how to supercharge your cloud:

1. Keep your cloud close

The cloud is reliable, but it isn't fool-proof. Sooner or later you're bound to encounter the dreaded unexpected downtime because someone ordered the wrong thing (or didn’t order the right thing). Avoid the panic by preparing in advance for that possibility. The simplest way to be ready is to use the tools your cloud provider offers for establishing better control over your entire cloud environment, whether it is public, private or hybrid. If you have a unified cloud management portal, you can easily see which cloud services need to be provisioned, and when.

2. Turn your PC into part of your cloud arsenal

If you're committed to the cloud and tend to provision multiple services from multiple providers, make your life easier by turning your PC into a powerful cloud management platform. Access a multi-cloud management portal that covers all of the public cloud environments you use, together with your own private cloud, on any PC that’s close at hand.

3. Make the cloud your default IT destination

As it happens, most IT departments are responsible for provisioning cloud services. You can take out the middleman by allowing staff to request what they need, requiring only IT or management approval to bring the requested service online.

4. Use one cloud to rule them all

It’s not uncommon to have different cloud services spread across multiple providers. The hassle is moving between their various platforms and portals in order to keep track of what is happening in each environment. Cloud Services, a division of EOH, makes this easier by giving you access to all of your services through a single multi-cloud management tool.

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