Cloud risk mitigation tactics

Cloud risk mitigation tactics

Posted in Articles on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

by Richard Vester - Group Executive of EOH Cloud Division


Cloud services are here to stay, and they are taking over more enterprise functions every year. With a broad array of essential services increasingly shifting to the cloud, businesses must keep an eye on the risks inherent in today’s cloud environment and take preventative steps to mitigate them.

Here are some tactics that will help mitigate risks in the cloud:

Assess your appetite for risk

It is common to set a risk appetite to guide organisational decisions. From an IT management perspective, risk appetite informs due diligence, ongoing monitoring and willingness to invest in reducing risk.


Look at cloud usage culture

A casual attitude toward cloud services may lead employees to take foolish risks. The simple solution is to prohibit services that are likely to be a problem, or invest in a platform that provides an in-depth view of all the cloud services your company accesses.


Rethink your mix of manual vs. automated cloud management strategies

Automation, virtual assistants and data crunching can help companies not only sell more products but manage their cloud services as well. The use of automated tools to detect problems and standardise configuration in the cloud allows staff to have more time for complex issues.


Rethink avoidance as a risk mitigation strategy

Hacking and security are not the only risks to consider. There is also the risk of being left behind.

A significant business risk less mature clients is not pursuing cloud transformation and services aggressively enough. The cloud is not just a new technology — it has changed the business and operating paradigm for many industries.


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