Cloud happened. Now what?

Cloud happened. Now what?

Posted in Articles on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

by Richard Vester - Group Executive of EOH Cloud Services Division


As more companies implement cloud solutions, their post-deployment strategies will become the determining factor for success. Now that we are seeing rapid cloud deployment in the enterprise, companies need to look beyond the initial deployment of the cloud infrastructure and its established capabilities at what value it will bring in the long term.

How can businesses maximise their cloud solution to deliver an optimal customer experience, collect valuable data for decision-making, and ultimately add to the bottom line?


First, a business must determine and define how the cloud provides added value to its customer base. Enterprises are feeling increased pressure to accommodate rapidly changing customer needs, and to keep up, IT departments need an environment that allows them to develop applications, test products and go to production much faster. The cloud ensures a quicker, more secure platform for development and engagement.



The cloud conversation often gravitates back to security concerns. Enterprises think that if their data (and indeed their applications) do not reside on premises then they run some greater level of operational risk. The other side of that argument states that cloud providers knows a lot more about security than most cloud customers. The strategy an organisation should take to safeguard its business data shouldn’t change because the data is now cloud-borne. Organisations must still have clearly outlined processes, but a cloud provider should cover all of the security bases, ensuring that it acts appropriately as a data custodian.


Skills and knowledge

The majority of today’s businesses don’t have all the resources they need to optimise their environment. Cloud providers play a critical role in helping these businesses aggregate, understand and leverage their clouds. Forward-looking managed cloud service providers, who have the vision and capability to become total service providers, not only help businesses manage all their clouds but also provide knowledge to truly drive business growth.

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