Hybrid Cloud

Flexibility, responsiveness and agility will become powerful hallmarks of your business, with resulting improvements in productivity and profitability.


EOH Hybrid Cloud Services allow you to combine your own infrastructure as a private cloud with a wider hosted cloud environment, for a single, customised cloud infrastructure.

Optimal return on your existing IT infrastructure investment
Better capacity utilisation across your entire cloud environment
Always have the infrastructure that you need - no more, no less

EOH Hybrid Cloud gives you the best of both worlds: your private cloud seamlessly integrated with a wider hosted cloud infrastructure. Decide for yourself where to store data or run applications.

Retain your existing infrastructure and legacy systems. You don't have to replace them; you don't even have to dismantle and rebuild them. They simply become your private cloud, which is fully integrated into a powerful, broader cloud infrastructure, with full redundancy and backup capabilities.

Workload migration is seamless, for better capacity utilisation. Workloads can move freely between your private and hosted cloud environments. You can transfer some of your data from your private cloud to the managed hosted cloud if that suits you better, and vice versa.

A fully integrated platform You can run some of your business systems in your managed hosted cloud and others in your managed private cloud. You can give business partners limited access to your hosted cloud in order to run campaigns, without letting them anywhere near your private cloud.

Cloud bursting abilities allow you to have infrastructure on demand, as you need it. You can expand and reduce it as you like, without wasting infrastructure and resources. When you need to test new systems or applications, you can provision them on capacity in a hosted cloud - so you don't have to invest in your own infrastructure just to run these tests.

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How a Hybrid Cloud fits into our broader Cloud environment:

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"As a fully-managed hosted solution, our EOH Hybrid Cloud has removed the need for us to constantly manage our data infrastructure."

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