Global Application Optimisation

Optimised delivery of global online applications, like Salesforce.com and Oracle.


Fast, flexible and more economical access to your business-critical applications - with almost the same experience as if you were using the application over a LAN or accessing it from your own data centre.

Vastly improved user experience
Take full advantage of any cloud applications, no matter where they are delivered fro
Use less bandwidth while getting more done
Ensure your business uses the cloud most effectively
Improved business productivity and efficiency

EOH Global Application Optimisation can help your business to take advantage of the growing number of global applications, by addressing the remaining obstacles in their adoption: latency and cost.

Most of the global applications that businesses in South Africa use are delivered from data centres in the US or Europe, affecting user experience due to high latency and costly bandwidth. The higher the latency, the worse the user experience. Accessing applications like Salesforce.com, Oracle Cloud or Microsoft Azure and 365 can be compromised by this high latency, as experienced from South Africa.

We focus exclusively on the delivery of global applications through a dedicated and optimised telecommunications network. The optimisation capability has been embedded into the core of our network, removing any need for you to be involved in the technical deployment of the solution.

This unique service gives your business a powerful and flexible opportunity to accelerate specific Internet applications or your general Internet, using your existing Internet access bandwidth, or by moving your Internet access to EOH.

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