EOH Cloud DevOps


Harness the full power of the cloud to ensure your applications and systems run flawlessly before deployment.


An easily scalable, on-demand service that you fully control, paying only for your hourly usage.

Per-hour billing - extremely cost-sensible
Faster execution time
Excellent scalability
Complete control over your test environment

EOH Cloud DevOps is a highly sophisticated staging environment. This test and development platform that can be used by organisations of any size; those running a single server or a complex multi-tier ecosystem. Per-hour billing makes any type of development or testing financially viable.

It comprises development, testing and operations, based on the principles of continuous integration and delivery. This highly flexible, cost-effective and agile environment is devoted to quick deployment while allowing for constant change.

EOH Cloud DevOps allows companies to spin up as many virtual machines as they require to replicate real-world usage scenarios and traffic. Hardware, network bandwidth and workloads can be simulated in ways that exactly match real-world conditions.

Production-scale testing ensures that stress points are exposed and fixed before real-world deployment, resulting in higher quality, more reliable offerings to the market.

EOH Cloud DevOps enables you to cut development and deployment times - and rapidly respond to digital transformation and customer experience demands.

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