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Cloud Governance & Compliance

EOH Cloud Services allow your business to adhere to corporate governance and compliance requirements:

Recovery as a Service (RaaS)

To meet full governance and compliance requirements you need a complete strategy for retaining all-encompassing, critical data and ensuring rapid recovery. These disaster and business continuity plans cannot be based merely on backups or replication.

Recovery as a Service (RaaS) can replicate infrastructure, applications and data to the cloud to enable full environmental recovery. RaaS backs up the whole environment, not just the data. And since RaaS is a cloud solution, businesses can order it at almost any capacity, making it a more cost-effective fit for smaller environments.

This allows you to restore your entire infrastructure, services, applications and data quickly and efficiently, in order to meet the Restore Time Objective demanded by governance and compliance objectives.

Backup and data replication

EOH Managed Cloud Services contain a powerful backup component.

A backup agent on your in-house server backs up your private cloud data to a microserver that is also on your premises. This data is then backed up remotely to a vault in a primary data centre, and replicated to a secondary data centre.

The microserver continues to sync delta changes to the vault every 15 minutes. These changes are replicated to the other data centre.

Your data is thus housed in two separate locations and archived for up to 15 years. Data is encrypted before it leaves your infrastructure and only you hold the encryption key.

This meets very strict compliance criteria.

Workload replication

This replicates the applications on your servers to the data centre, creating a mirror of your server environment. Changes are constantly replicated. In the event of server failure in your own environment, you can switch to the replicated environment for a very quick return of service (around 4 hours).

This contributes to meeting compliance requirements.

Full audit trail

The EOH Cloud Filr file sharing and document management component keeps a complete record of all document changes, with a full audit trail.

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