Cloud FILR

Get the improved productivity of different people being able to share files and collaborate from different places.


Vastly improved efficiency and productivity to turn your business into a more responsive, productive organisation. One that is more flexible and agile, able to execute quicker and respond more effectively to customer demands.

Collaborate and share files at any time from anywhe
Enjoy the peace of mind of full backup
Full mobility through mobile device access

EOH Cloud Filr allows you to upload, share and access any type of file completely securely. Files can be accessed from any device at any time, including mobile devices. These are synchronised across devices with full version control and backup.

Enterprise-grade file sharing solution

Users can easily and securely share files across company networks, synchronise files to Mac or PC, and access them on any mobile device.

Versioning and backup

Cloud Filr ensures that you will always have the latest version of any document you are working on - it will notify you whenever a new version is saved. It also has a backup function so you'll never have to worry about losing your work.

Very secure file sharing

Your files and data remain in your secure company file storage. EOH Cloud Filr simply deploys the software required to enable file sharing.

Mobile file sharing access

You can access files from any mobile device, anywhere you are - without having to be online. If you make changes on one device, the latest version of the file becomes available on all your other devices.

And because all data is backed up, if you lose a mobile device, you won't lose any work.

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