EOH Cloud - Cloud as it should be

Cloud as it should be

Unique and powerful Optimisation services give fast, flexible and economical access to business-critical Cloud applications and services.


We focus on making sure that South African companies can use the Cloud as it was intended. Our aim is to help your business unlock all the potential the Cloud contains.

  1. Much faster cloud applications
  2. Peak performance from all your cloud services
  3. Significant bandwidth savings

One of our main areas of concentration is optimising the entire Cloud experience, especially the use of Cloud services and applications. The Optimisation solutions we offer are designed to give your business accelerated, efficient Cloud services delivery that improves your user experience.

Unlike other optimisation technology, ours was developed inside our core global network. This eradicates the need for deployment or technical skills on your side, driving costs and time down even further, and enabling you to focus on your core businesses.

As a fully managed service, we can deploy application Optimisation with very little impact on your network and responsibilities. There is also no need to change from your current Internet access or MPLS network provider to enjoy our Optimisation services.

Our Optimisation services can provide application acceleration to any application and from any location in the world.

Our expert skills and world-class optimisation technologies ensure that every aspect of the Cloud performs at its peak.

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