Advantages of Cloud computing

Cloud Advantages

Cloud creates a more flexible, responsive business that can focus on true customer-centricity.


From simple data backup, to technologies like Software-as-a-Service, and further into large-scale infrastructure provision on demand - the Cloud can meet all IT needs with an efficiency not seen before.

Cost-efficiencies and cost visibility
Data, services and applications can be accessed from anywhere
Significantly reduce CAPEX while gaining rich business services

As more and more companies have adopted cloud computing in one form or another, it has grown into what is now virtually an essential part of modern business.

Distinct business advantages of Cloud
It allows a company to consume the exact amount of technology it needs to meet its strategic requirements. There is no wastage or overspend, and additional technology is always there when needed.
It eliminates IT CAPEX, by switching from a "build or own" approach to one that allows the business to use software, services, solutions and infrastructure on demand, paying only for this usage.
It introduces a new level of collaboration, efficiency and productivity, not least due to its "anywhere access" characteristics.
It allows a business to be more flexible, agile and responsive. This vastly improves customer-centricity, and the ability to respond to market changes and new demands.
It's flexible, non-restrictive and businesses are not locked in by infrastructure.

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