Choosing the Right Cloud Solution

Choosing the Right Cloud Solution

Cloud services offer a high-value combination: they unlock IT’s potential to meet your business needs. You can have a fully managed cloud service that you control. With EOH you choose what suits you best.

The Hybrid Approach

The Hybrid Approach - The Best of Both Worlds

Keep your own infrastructure by turning it into a Private Cloud, integrated with a fully managed Hosted Cloud. And move seamlessly between them. Make the cloud an extension of your own business network.

Governance and Compliance

Concerned About Governance and Compliance?

Our Cloud Services provide full adherence to corporate governance and compliance requirements, including workload replication and audit trails. Get governance and compliance peace of mind.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery has changed

Recovering from downtime is easier and more affordable with EOH Cloud’s new offering, EOH Recovery as a Service (RaaS). Faster recovery, no need for duplicated infastructure, and only pay for what you need.

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